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Custom Programmed Remote Controls

Custom Programmed Remote Controls

A well-designed and implemented control system can make your home theatre system easy and a pleasure to operate.

Imagine pressing "Play Movie". You watch as the lights flicker on the equipment as the control system selects the right inputs, viewing and listening modes. The curtains dramatically open, revealing your screen. The light-tight blinds descend over the windows as the room lights slowly dim and your movie begins.

We help you design a great control system by determining what functions need automating and how those functions should be grouped. Often a poorly-designed control system frustrates its user because it allows too much control. Providing control over unused options will discourage its use.

We strive to design control systems that are:

  • Completely reliable
  • Convenient to use
  • Automate all the necessary functions
  • Carefully designed around your lifestyle
  • Logical and easy to understand
  • Harmoniously designed and pleasing to operate